Screwdriver Bits

APEX is the global leader in industrial fastener drive tools and has been the trusted name for the most demanding industrial applications for more than 80 years. As the leading innovator in industrial-grade screwdriver bits and bit holders, APEX products can be found in the most challenging production environments. If you have invested money in quality tools, you need to know that your screwdriver bits will deliver the performance you require of them. APEX manufactures bits for the aerospace, automotive and other industries where reliability is key. Day in and day out, you’ll find APEX bits hard at work in some of the world’s busiest manufacturing facilities.

Quality Bits Start With Quality Steel

To ensure our bits meet or exceed your demand for quality — as well as any applicable military and government specifications such as MIL-B-9946/5 — we begin with our proprietary, high-grade tool steel and manufacture each component to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. As a result, our products consistently last up to ten times longer than the competition, and avoid problems such as premature wear and shattering. For your team, this translates to increased productivity and fewer maintenance requirements.

Harder bits offer superior wear resistance, but lack the durability to stand up to torque. For this reason, we offer most of our products in three different hardness levels, allowing you to choose the right bit for your specific application. Contact an APEX sales representative for assistance.

Diverse Product Offering

APEX offers one of the most diverse lineups of screwdriver bits in the market today. To meet the rising demand for TorxÒ style fasteners in automotive and appliance assembly applications, we sell both Torx and Torx PlusÒ bits. For aerospace assembly, Tri-Wing®, Torq-Set®, Hi-Torque®, Phillips and other point configurations are available. No matter what specific needs you have, we’re likely to have the right fastener drive tool for you. For your unique needs, we can design and manufacture a custom solution using our advanced engineering and manufacturing skills.

Mar-Resistant Bits and Sockets

Nearly all our bits and, sockets can be covered to provide additional damage protection when working with chromed or varnished components. Our patent-protected, free-spinning design minimizes side impact and in-system damage, and protects operators against the effects of rotational friction. Find out more by contacting APEX Tool Group today.