APEX Universal Joints

APEX has been supplying universal joints for military and commercial applications since 1933. Over these 70+ years we have provided engineered solutions for thousands of demanding applications worldwide. Our primary markets are:

Government/Military Applications

APEX meets the demanding requirements military applications such as gun systems, remote valve control, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), thrust vector control systems, and fan drive universal joints.


Commercial, military, business jets, and private aircraft all utilize APEX universal joints. Typical uses include flap/slat actuation, "hinges" for cargo doors and windows, mechanical linkages for steering, trim control and door latching mechanisms. APEX double universal joints have even been used to replace gear boxes. These high strength-to-weight ratio universal joints have excellent torsional freeplay (i.e. backlash) characteristics suited to this environment.

Off-highway/ Construction Equipment

Applications include steering columns, a variety of mechanical linkages and power take offs. Also included are custom designs for specialty equipment such as fire trucks.

Performance Racing

Our MS series of universal joints have become the standard by which all other universal joints are measured. The same aerospace design considerations are applicable in this competitive market. Primary uses are for steering, shift linkages, and chassis adjustment applications.

Industrial Power Transmission

This represents the most diverse area of applications. Some typical uses are steel leveling equipment, links to conveyor systems, pump drive systems, multiple spindle drill heads, bowling alley pin setters, canning equipment, centerless grinders, bottling machines, industrial sewing machines, control linkages, mixing equipment, packaging machinery, and industrial scales. This list represents only a fraction of the applications where APEX universal joints are used. Our "quick-change" universal joints are extremely popular in this area. They eliminate precision alignment requirements and allow for quick repair of critical machinery and assembly/conveyor lines.

Single Universal Joints

Operating angles up to 35 degrees and a full range of sizes from 3/8" to 2".

Double Universal Joints

Operating angles up to 70 degrees and a full range of sizes from 3/8" to 4".

Telescopic Universal Joints

Make routine drive train changes and repairs faster than ever. Available from 3/8” to 4” diameter up to 12 feet long.

Military Standard Universal Joints

These joints are designed to strict specifications to assure unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratios, torsional and axial overload capacity and low torsional deflection.